The Recycled Baseball Items Foundation (RBI) Recycled Sports Items (RSI) is a non-profit organization committed to keeping the Greater Houston Area's underprivileged youth off the streets, away from gangs, crime, and drugs, while offering them a positive and viable alternative in the form of participation in organized sports. The organization was founded in 1992, when our founders, Pat Dwyer and Ted Stokes, had the idea to solicit used baseball equipment to be refurbished and donated to children in need. While our core operation continues to focus on baseball and softball, the organization has evolved through the years to include all other sports as well. We accomplish this by providing equipment, league organization, and instructional clinics to groups working with children; all free of charge. RBI also provides sports clinics and camps to hundreds of children who might not otherwise have the opportunity to attend a camp, or to receive quality sports instruction.

With the evolution into other sports, RBI has formed a division know as Recycled Sports Items (RSI) to better identify the true mission of the organization. Whether we are identified as RBI or RSI, our goal is to continue to serve the community and underprivileged youth in the Houston area and beyond.

In addition to individual and corporate donations, the RBI/RSI Foundation receives used baseball, softball, basketball and other sports equipment donated from the community, which we clean and refurbish, and then distribute to local youth groups.  Since its inception in 1992, RBI has provided equipment to over 30,000 children in over 220 organizations, including The Salvation Army, Houston Housing Authority, Police Activities League, Catholic Charities of Houston/Galveston, as well as numerous youth leagues, community centers, and churches.

The RBI Foundation will be holding a charity golf tournament in September and an Annual Picnic.  Proceeds from the charity golf tournament and the picnic are used to acquire and distribute equipment and to create scholarships for local students who have exhibited exemplary skills in baseball/softball, academics and sportsmanship.

The Recycled Baseball Items Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) charitable organization that relies primarily on volunteer help, as well as generosity of corporate and community partners.  In conjunction with this necessary assistance, along with steadfast determination to make a difference, the RBI /RSI Foundation is able to shed a positive light on the lives of many deserving and needy children of the Greater Houston Area.

RBI President, Bill Underwood, and Treasurer, Dr. John Nash, presenting four college scholarships with the Minute Maid Grand Slam for Youth program
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