The Recycled Baseball Items Foundation (RBI) , including Recycled Sports Items (RSI) is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization committed to keeping the Greater Houston Area's underprivileged youth off the streets, away from gangs, crime, and drugs, while offering them a positive and viable alternative in the form of participation in baseball/softball and other sports.  RBI accomplishes this by providing baseball, basketball, football and other sports  equipment, instructional sports clinics and college scholarships to those who are exemplary in both academics and sports.

Our deepest regrets go to one of our founders, Doctor John Nash, for the loss of his lifetime partner, Pat. She was a huge inspiration to all of us.

RBI/RSI partnered with Innovative Committed Construction, Inc. to assist with those who have sustained damage from Hurricane Harvey in the Texas and Louisiana areas. 

 RBI partnered with The University of Houston and Johnny Smecca/Galveston Restaurant Group to receive equipment and uniforms for baseball, basketball and other sports items, which will be distributed to those in need in Texas and Florida. 
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Anyone who ever played baseball as a child, knows the magical power of the sport.  It has the ability to teach us about life in a way few other activities can.  It teaches us about teamwork, competitiveness, good sportsmanship, self respect, respect for others, taking instructions, confidence and the concept that practice makes perfect.  Baseball has a mysterious way to bond a father and son.  It also allows us to develop character by experiencing the thrill of victory as well as the agony of defeat.  

We feel strongly that every boy and girl, in the Greater Houston Area, should be given the opportunity to participate in the great game of baseball.  Unfortunately, many children don’t own a baseball glove or any other baseball equipment because their parents can’t afford it.  There are literally thousands of underprivileged children in our area who would love to play baseball but can’t because of lack of proper equipment.  It's a sad fact that many of these children find other, more dangerous and harmful, activities to pass the time.

On the other hand, how many of us parents buy expensive baseball equipment for our sons (or daughters) which ends up in our garages after a year or so because our child has outgrown the equipment?  Items such as gloves, bats, balls, batting helmets, baseball shoes, uniforms and catcher’s gear. These items continue to collect dust until they are eventually thrown away.

Recycled Baseball Items (RBI)/ Recycled Sports Items (RSI) Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) organization trying to make the Greater Houston Area a better place to live by connecting these two groups of people.  We accept both new and used sports equipment of all kinds, clean and refurbish it if necessary, and distribute it to children who can’t afford such equipment. We also use monetary donations to offer scholarships to deserving young men and women who excel bot on and off of the sports fields an courts..  Through our multiple activities, we are taking children off the streets and out of gangs and putting them in a positive learning environment that will help them to develop into better young men and women.

The RBI Foundation is comprised of a group of dedicated members of the Board of Directors.  These board members are business leaders in the Greater Houston Area who share a common passion for helping children and promoting the great game of baseball, as well as other sports.  

In addition to accepting equipment donations, the RBI Foundation also holds an annual Charity Golf Tournament, an Annual Bowl-A-Thon, and our annual Sports Award Luncheon to raise funds to purchase equipment and to provide scholarships to deserving young men and women in the Greater Houston Area.

DO YOU NEED BASEBALL, SOFTBALL, BASKETBALL, FOOTBALL OR ANY OTHER SPORTS EQUIPMENT? If you are an individual or group in need of baseball or softball equipment, do not hesitate to contact our office. We are constantly looking to provide sports  equipment to those who are in need. 


Since the Iraqi war started, RBI has answered requests from our military units for assistance in acquiring recreational equipment. Initially, our donation was based on individual requests. Since beginning, we have answered 14 requests to equip military units with such equipment, we have determined that the following serves the most useful combination for most units. The package includes a 12 ft. piece of Astroturf for a putting surface combined with two putters (1R-1L) and 6 new golf balls; 2 frisbees, a volleyball, a soccer ball, a football, two sets of washers (16) and  PVC pipe for the holes for playing washers; two sets of racquets and birdies for playing badminton and 12 softball gloves,(3L-9R), 12 softballs, a set of throw down bases/home plate and 3 bats.

RBI Bowl-A-Thon with Board Members Dr. John Nash, Frank Galan, Lora Chivers, Laura Leonetti and Bill Underwood
RBI  Board members Bill Underwood, Frank Galan, John Easton, Angie Guerra and Sandra Zuniga
RBI/RSI Board Members Frank Galan, Nick Galan, Executive Director, Cynthia Carrico, Doctor John Nash, Bill Underwood and Daniel Kirk